Costa-Concordia Makes her final voyage


The rusted hulk of what was once the Costa Concordia made its final journey to a dry dock in Italy where it will be cut up and recycled once and for all.

On Thursday a team of five tugboats helped transfer what remains of the cruise ship across the harbour in Genoa to a Dry Dock No. 4 where the final phase of the dismantling and recycling project will take place.

Since May 2015, the Costa Concordia has been moored at the Molo Ex Superbacino dock in the Port of Genoa where crews have been working to dismantle the once-luxurious cruise ship from the top deck down and restore buoyancy to the hull. The process has also allowed crews to remove the 30 sponsons that were attached to the ship during the parbuckling, refloating, and towing operations.

The vessel was hardly recognizable as it made its way across the harbour on Thursday